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Frequently asked questions

What is the criteria or requirements that must be met to apply for this scholarship?
  • Applicant must be a Philadelphia resident and an African-American
  • Must attend a 4-year college/university in the state of Pennsylvania
  • Freshman students must submit transcripts of grades from all high schools attended, with evidence of at least a 2.5 GPA, and current SAT or ACT scores
  • College students must submit transcripts of grades from all colleges attended, with evidence of at least a  2.5 GPA
  • Completed Application form
  • Short essay (one type-written page) of your personal and educational goals
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from either a community organization leader, church leader, teacher, professor or employer
  • Copy of acceptance letter from the eligible 4 year college or university that you will attend (this applies to incoming freshman only)
  • Application material must be postmarked by March 31
Is this a one-time scholarship?

You can apply for this scholarship each year as long as you continue to meet the criteria.


How is the scholarship money applied?

The scholarship awarded to a student is sent to the school of acceptance and applied to his/her account.


Are there deadlines for applying for the UMF scholarship?

Yes, the application process opens on Jan. 1. Applications and other required materials must be postmarked no later than March 31. Incomplete application packages and or submissions postmarked after March 31 will not be eligible for review.

What if I receive a scholarship to one PA college/university but change my mind and decide to attend another?

If you notify the UMF (including an acceptance letter from the new school) prior to semester start we will issue a check to your new school.

How do I make a donation to support the Mission of the Urquhart Memorial Foundation?

Today more than ever they need your support. Please join us in giving for our future; for their future

Please make your donation payable to the Urquhart Memorial Foundation and mail to 5343 E. Poston Dr. Phoenix AZ 85054-7186 Or you may Donate Online by clicking here.  .

We appreciate your support and will send you a personal acknowledgment/receipt. The UMF is a tax exempt 501(c) (3) charity and therefore your donation is fully tax deductible.

Also please remember that your employer may have a matching gift program which may double or triple your gift. Please inquire with your employer. 

Are donations refundable?

The UMF gladly accepts all donations to the benefit of our Mission. We operate with no staff and have minimal expenses to collect and distribute funds. As such over 95% of funds received go directly to “encourage education” (scholarships) and “support research” (small research grants).  All donations are accepted as thoughtful, sincere, and accurate for the intended purpose. We do not provide “refunds”. If necessary a donor may request a specific direction of a donation ( i.e. to education or research )