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Leander Berry Jr.

Mr. and Mrs Urquhart,

I would like to say thank you for your contributions to my education and allowing me to continue to pursue my dreams.

Your contributions have helped me more than you can imagine. Because of the scholarship my parents and I did not worry about how the rest of my tuition would be paid or how I’m going to buy my text books. You two have relieved a lot of stress and I’m grateful for that. Mr. & Mrs. Urquhart, you’ve been a blessing these last 4 years of my college career and I hope two continue to bless others and be blessed. Again I thank you so much for all the help!!


Leander Berry Jr. “Lee” (UMF Scholar 2013-2016)


Aleeyah Y. Gardee

Dear Mr. and Mrs Urquhart

I am sincerely honored to have been selected as one of the 2016 recipients of the Urquhart Memorial Scholarship. Thank you for your generosity, which will help satisfy a portion of the cost of tuition immensely. My family and I are very grateful and excited about this award and we enjoyed the scholarship ceremony a great deal.

As I start on my higher educational path at Indiana University Of Pennsylvania, I am very thankful for receiving your thoughtful gift. Because of this scholarship, I am one step closer to achievement and greatness.

Thank you for honoring me with this scholarship.


Aleeyah Y. Gardee Indiana University of Pennsylvania Class of 2020



Ricki White

Thank You so much for your support of my college education! The scholarships that I have received from your Foundation have been a huge blessing over the past four years and have made it possible for me to return to school every semester. This fall I will begin the dual degree program at my school, where I will be finishing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and beginning masters level course in Counseling. Urquhart Memorial Foundation is truly an amazing organization, and it is my intention to give support through prayers and finances in the years to come. I again thank you both so much for believing in me, and for your generosity.


Ricki S. White


Christina Adenuga, MSW

Hello, My name is Christina Adenuga. I was a recipient of your scholarship in 2006. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for students in the Philadelphia area. When I applied to colleges I had no idea how I would pay for my tuition, books, etc. Your foundation made my dream of attending college possible. With the grace of God and wonderful people like yourself, I was able to attend college with no financial worries. I graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2010 with my BSW. I furthered my education, and graduated with my MSW from West Chester University in 2012. I’m currently doing what I dreamed of before entering college, which is being a Medical Social Worker for a local hospital in Philadelphia. It has been on my heart for sometime now to share my success with your foundation. I pray that God continues to provide on your behalf so other young ladies like myself have the opportunity to further their education.

God Bless,

Christina Adenuga, MSW


Kobi Trawick

4 years the Urquhart Memorial Foundation has invested in my education.

4 years I have had your support and motivation.

4 years I have been determined to make the both of you proud.

4 years I have been working to make sure you guys knew your investment was not wasted.

As a high school senior, going to college was in the far distance. It was not something I thought was financially capable, mentally capable, or spiritually capable. Losing my great grandmother was something I still have not bounced back from. Thus, saying that I am a fourth year college student is amazing and shocking to me.

Mr. and Mrs. Urquhart you are a true blessing. I wish I knew the right words to say to you two about how thankful I am for both of you. I pray for you two all the time because you are truly a blessing to my educational career. I hope this small gesture gives the both of you something to remember me by. Even though it is nothing like what you’ve given me but I am forever grateful to you two.

Peace, Blessings, and Love,

Kobi Trawick  (“2015”)


Jennifer Major

Mr. and Mrs. Urquhart,

I hope that everything is going well for you all. I am contacting you all to update you on my career and academic progress.

I would like to first congratulate this year’s recipients and wish them the best on their individual academic journeys. Attending college is such a great opportunity and I hope that they are able to take full advantage of all the resources and experiences available.

In regards to my own academic career, I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelors of science degree in psychology in May 2012. Afterwards, I took a year off after earning my degree to apply to doctoral programs in counseling psychology. I accepted an offer to study at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. I am happy to report that I have successfully completed the first year of my program this past May.

I am very grateful for the many opportunities and blessings that I have received throughout my academic journey. I want to thank the Urquhart Memorial Foundation for the scholarship moneys that I received and all of the advice, prayers and well wishes that were given to me over the years.

If any student is interested in pursuing psychology, applying to graduate school or would just like to have a mentor/someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to have them contact me at


Jennifer Major


Soba Iyeimo

Thank you Mrs. Urquhart.

I couldn’t have done it without the aid of the foundation. I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude. Going to College later in life has been a challenge especially financially. However, I try to view the glass as half full because not many people got the opportunities I got as such, I consider myself blessed. I have been richly blessed by the generosity of your organization. I pray that I’m able to pay forward in multiples.

I have always had a yearning in me to go on medical missions to impoverished regions all over Africa, Asia and South America. I would not be thinking of accomplishing this goal if I did not have the education and tools to aid me. With that said, I thought it was important to tell you how the foundation has gotten the ball rolling. I will keep you informed when I am able to go on such trips. Please accept my appreciation and do extend it to other members of the foundation.

Soba Iyeimo