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“Small and large businesses in the United States regularly support philanthropic projects, whether by donating snacks for a school event, allowing an employee to use work time or resources to help a good cause, or making a financial contribution to a charity. In the United States, such support is an expected part of being a good corporate citizen”.

“Businesses engage in philanthropy for a variety of reasons. A primary reason is that a business—really the leaders of the business—believe in a certain cause and are happy to direct resources toward it. There are other reasons as well. Helping the community allows a business’s employees to feel pride in their employer and a personal connection to the efforts of the company. This raises employee morale and engenders a sense of affiliation with the company. Another reason is appreciation from the recipients and the community at large: Helping is good public relations. Finally, with the system of tax incentives created by the U.S. government, the “sting” of any financial contribution is at least partially offset by a corresponding tax break”.

*excerpts by Robin L. Yeager from “Approaches To Giving”

The Urquhart Memorial Foundation encourages and welcomes corporate/business donations. We believe that through your giving you invest and support the education needs of your future workforce. Please give.

Contact us or just make your donation payable to the Urquhart Memorial Foundation and mail to UMF at 5343 E. Poston Drive Phoenix, AZ 85054-7186. You may also donate online by clicking here.

“While a tremendous amount of money is donated by foundations and corporations, much more—some years as much as seven times more—is donated by individuals. Individuals, like corporations or groups, can make direct monetary donations to a cause, or they can donate material and equipment, or they can serve as volunteers. Their gift may be making a charitable organization a benefactor of their estate. They may choose to frequent businesses that promise to support certain causes or that give “credit” to local schools or other groups based on purchases by local patrons. One individual may support a fund-raising effort for cancer research by volunteering to run in a race, while another individual supports that cause by agreeing to donate money for every mile the volunteer runner completes. Individuals volunteer for an unlimited number of projects and organizations, freely sharing themselves to support every segment of U.S. society”.

*excerpts by Robin L. Yeager from “Approaches To Giving”

The Urquhart Memorial Foundation encourages and welcomes individual donations. No donation is too small and will be applied to scholarship funding, unless otherwise specified.

Please make your checks payable to the Urquhart Memorial Foundation and mail to Urquhart Memorial Foundation 5343 E. Poston Drive Phoenix AZ, 85054-7186. You may also donate online by clicking here.